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Cancelling contract

How can I cancel a contract that belonged to my mother in law. I took it over and put the direct debits in my name and account etc as she hadn’t used it for two years anyway. I wanted to upgrade the SIM card to a better deal but they won’t let me unless they talk to her which isn’t possible as we are 400 miles away so I just want to cancel the lot now. Any ideas? She’s not able to talk on the phone to them. 


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Re: Cancelling contract

@Lily21479   If the contract is in your name your the account holder so customer services will only speak with you.  Call back and tell them your the account holder. You don’t have to be the user to give notice on an account in your name. 

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Re: Cancelling contract

Hi @Lily21479.


Thanks for coming to the community.


Who is named as the account holder on the account?


Only the account holder can process upgrades and cancellations.



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