by lewisr

Cancelled Upgrade - Bill Incorrect



I had an upgrade processed on live chat but didn't actually proceed with paying the upfront cost etc so I assumed it was not going to go through.


Whilst I was away, EE tried to deliver my new phone! As i wasn't expecting this, it has been returned to EE and the upgrade cancelled - fine by me.


However my latest bill is now massively high and contains:

a) Upfront cost of a phone I do not have or want (now confirmed to be back in EE posession)

b) Charges for 1 1/2 months line rental for a contract I never had or used.


Now EE chat advised me that there was nothing I can do but pay it and it should be reduced on my next bill. I can't afford a £240 bill compared to £60 that I normally pay.


Can someone please advise what to do here?


I have cancelled my direct debit as I am not letting EE take £240 out for services I didnt actually want or order.



EE Community Support Team

Re: Cancelled Upgrade - Bill Incorrect

Hi @lewisr


Thanks for coming to community to see us 🙂


This is something that you absolutely need to call customer services and they can help you with this.


I'm sorry to hear you are in this situation, but I'm confident a quick chat will rectify this.


Let me know how you get on.







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