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Bad customer service

Hi all I'm a newly joined customer recommended by a friend after my Vodafone contract finished. I promptly paid my first bill, but upon missing my second bill by a few days max down to a serious family matter, my calls texts and data have all been barred.


upon contacting customer service after a 27 min wait I was greeted by a lady who didn't offer any help just at least a payment to unbar my sim. I find this ridiculous to a new customer on their second bill. 


I had had amazing customer service with Vodafone and wish I never got a contract from EE after this. I wouldn't recommend EE to anyone!

by Grand Master
Grand Master

Re: Bad customer service

@Inception    As you say you are a new customer you’re also a new customer who has failed to pay their bill look at it from EEs point of view you might have no intention of paying your bills.   


You should of called customer services and informed them not just ignored your bill that you agreed to pay on time each month.    And to add EE would of requested you pay this at least twice before you get blocked. 

by Inception

Re: Bad customer service

Yea I look at it from ee's point of view but isn't their meant to be some level of good customer service.. I missed my 2nd bill only by a few days and nor did EE try to contact me about this I had to do so. I think your customer service is just pathetic to say the least. You have your point of view and I have mine. 


This post is to inform others and post on social media because never have I experienced this. Just a ridiculously bad customer service who offer no help when help is needed. Just excuses, clearly. As the your comment clearly shows.


edit - if the hold times wasn't so ridiculous I would have been in touch way before now but as to work I could not have.. not to mention a serious matter in the family that I had to take into account. 

EE Employee

Re: Bad customer service

Hi and welcome to the community @Inception


I understand your frustration with this issue.


We would always give you a courtesy text to let you know your bill has not been paid.


If you pay by direct debit and that has failed, we would try again 10 days later.


If you are upset by the way this has been handled please do see our ways to complain guide.


Many thanks,





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