by lancey999

Adding a new line - credit



Had a series of conversations with the live chat team. First noticed that I couldn't access the tablet or watch areas to even browse when logged in. Was first told it was technical and would be solved in 72 hours.


Decided to use the live chat to sort the iPad contract out with them (which would be in addition to my iPhone contract that is now due for annual upgrade).


The first live chat person said that I needed to pay 3-6 payments on time and in full, which I have. She couldn't help as she was only upgrades, which is fair enough


So I opened a new chat with someone more appropriate and was told that I need to make 3 more payments before being allowed. 


First, I'm confused at the conflicitng information.


Second, I have paid in time and on full throughout this new contract so can't understand why I would be refused. I can't tell if it is just technical issues or whether it is credit at this stage.


I've got money waiting but unfortunately can't do anything about it

EE Community Support Team

Re: Adding a new line - credit

Hi @lancey999,


Welcome to the EE Community.


Your eligibility to add additional products to your account is influenced by your original credit check result as well as your current payment history.


Our sales team will be happy to check your eligibility if you get in touch.





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