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I bought a number of PAYG SIM cards from Bristol Airport.  It was in an EE package with the SIM Local logo in the top left corner.  Clearly in EE yellow on the package it says "Pay As You Go SIM 3GB UK Data". and there is a circle which advertises "10GB free for 30 days"  if you text LHR to 150 (hence why I purchased). I put the SIM in a new PAYG phone, and received a text to say that my balance was 0 GBP.  It says on the pack that it will be activated on making a call or sending a text.  I tried and was unable to activate the pack - I assume because the balance was zero.


Eventually I rang EE and was told the pack can't be activated until I top up 15GBP. At no point on the packaging or the stand I bought the SIM card from did it state I had to top up any amount.  It's not what the packaging states or infers.


If this is the case and I'm not mistaken, I think its an absolute joke - a breach of advertising standards.


Anyone have any solutions - if not, I will be taking the issue further.

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Grand Master


How much did you buy each SIM for? That should have been the amount of the necessary top-up.


What exactly does texting AL to 150 report?

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Good Morning @Websters :). 


Welcome to the community. 


I am sorry to hear this has happened. 


Have you been able to follow the advice from @XRaySpeX by texting AL to 150?


To activate a pack you must complete your first top up. 


Speak soon, Katie

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