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top up !!!!!!!

I went to check my balance and I've noticed your not going to renew my pack !!!!!!! In not going to call as it going to take my credit 

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Re: top up !!!!!!!

Hello @Keely261090 sorry to hear you are having problems renewing your pack. When is your pack due to renew? If it does not automatically renew at midnight like it should try buying the pack and stacking it on your account first either by texting the relevant code for the pack to 150, calling 150 and using the automated options for pack purchases or online through a browser using MYEE. When the pack is stacked on the account waiting text the code NOW to 150 then restart your phone to kickstart the pack if does not activate automatically. Here is a link containing the text codes for the packs available on EE PAYG:


Due to this being a public user forum access to accounts is not allowed to check why it is not renewing through here. For top up & pack queries please call customer service on 150 from an EE phone or 07953 966 250 from any other who can check/activate the pack for you. 🙂

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