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top up problem

Not sure if this is the right location to post it in - but I've been trying to top up my pay as you go mobile ringing 450/150 as usual but for the last 24 hours the automated message just says it's unable to take payments at the moment due to improvements being made on the billing system, and to try again in an hour....have messaged EE on facebook and twitter to find out how long the payment system is likely to be down or for more information about it but no reply as of yet. Just wondered if anyone else knows about it or is experiencing similar problems? Being unable to top up especially in this bad weather is a big problem. Cheers. 

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Re: top up problem

Hi @Zappo and welcome to the community.


Please pop over to our ways to top up page, if you have used your card to top up previously you can use our text service.


All details are on the link provided above.


Many thanks,



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Re: top up problem

Thanks Lee - I followed the instructions for topping up by text but haven't had a confirmation text back yet that I'm topped up. I've been using the same card since it was registered and have always topped up by ringing 450 or 150. Only in the last few days have I been getting the message about the billing system improvements and it saying that they can't take payments right now. So I'm still as far as I know not topped up.


I've also just tried to set up a "My EE" account online but my mobile isn't being recognised. 


Does any of this have to do with the Orange/EE change?

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Grand Master

Re: top up problem

Yes, you can no longer create a MyEE online a/c for an Orange no. You have to do everything by text or by phone.

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Re: top up problem

Thanks guys - didn't realise Orange users can't create EE online accounts. Have kept trying ringing 150/450 to go through the automatic top up process but the message remains payments aren't possible due to billing improvements and to try back in an hour (same message for over 24 hours now). I guess the only thing to do is to keep trying and hope that whatever the improvements - or problems - are will be fixed soon!  :>( 

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