by JulianC Investigator

pay as you go transactions itemised?

where can I find an itemised account for my ex Orange Pay as You go? I think I am being overcharged and top ups are not being registered. How can I find out what is going on?

by JulianC Investigator

Does EE charge for incoming texts?

I have just been transferred from Orange Pay as you go, and the money I top up with doesn't seem to be going as far as before.... Yesterday I was informed I had 0.92 credit in my account. Since then I have sent just two texts, but am now told I only have 0.02 left! Texts are ostensibly charged at 15 p so how can I have ripped through 90p. In that period I also received two texts, but however you add that up that doesn't amount to 90p of usage. What is going on??

by Ace Contributor
Ace Contributor

Re: Does EE charge for incoming texts?

Hi @JulianC no EE don't charge for incoming text. Do you have voice mail on or have try to call on voice call number 222 that also charged as standard call rate.


EE Community Support Team

Re: pay as you go transactions itemised?

Good Afternoon @JulianC


Thanks for coming to the community. 


I would recommend contacting our mobile care team who will see if this can be provided. 


Please keep me updated with your progress.


Katie 🙂






by JulianC Investigator

Re: Does EE charge for incoming texts?

Thanks for the info. As far as I know, nothing else is on, and all I've done is send two texts. Makes me think EE are overcharging. Not sure how I can challenge this...

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