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What’s EE Data Rollover and how do I get it?

Data Rollover is a great feature of our EE Flex Plans and EE pay as you go 30-day Data Packs or Everything Packs.

Any data that you don't use from your monthly pack is rolled over for you, so you get a second chance to use it.



How do I make sure my data will rollover?


  • If you don't use your data included in your pack by the time it expires, it will be rolled over and available to use if you renew your Flex plan or 30-day Data Pack or Everything Pack or buy a new eligible pack.


  • You’ll need to renew your pack or plan within seven days of its expiry date to get your Data Rollover.



What happens if I change my plan or pack?


If you change to one of our eligible pay as you go packs, you will still benefit from data rollover.


All Flex Plans include Data Rollover>



What data can I roll over?


  • Whatever's left over from your main data allowance on your last pack rolls over to your new one. So, if you buy a £10 Data Pack with 2GB and use 1.5GB, 500MB will roll over to your next pack.


  • Your data allowance will be applied in the following order for each Flex Plan and pack: (1) Rollover data, (2) Core pack allowance, (3) Free Boosts.


  • We'll continue to add your Free Boosts on top of any rolled over data and your standard pack allowance, so you get even more data to use each month.


  • Rollover data lasts for the duration of your pack or plan (30 days) this will not roll over a second time if you do not use it up. 



What plans and packs are eligible for Data Rollover?


Data Rollover is available on all Flex Plans, 30-day Data Packs and Everything Packs shown below;



Pack name



£10 Data Pack

30 days

2GB, unlimited texts, 100 minutes

£15 Data Pack

30 days

5GB, unlimited texts, 500 minutes

£20 Data Pack

30 days

10GB, unlimited texts, 750 minutes

£5 Everything Pack

30 days

150MB, 25 texts, 50 minutes

£10 Everything Pack

30 days

1GB, unlimited texts, 250 minutes

£15 Everything Pack

30 days

2GB, unlimited texts, 1000 minutes

£20 Everything Pack

30 days

 4GB, unlimited texts, 1500 minutes

£25 Everything Pack

30 days

8GB, unlimited texts, 2000 minutes

£30 Everything Pack 

30 days

20GB, unlimited texts, 3000 minutes 

£10  International Pack

30 days

 500MB, 150 texts, 150 minutes

 £15 International Pack

30 days

3GB, 500 texts, 250 minutes 



How will I know how much rollover data and allowances I have left?


  • We'll send you a text to tell you how much rollover data you have available, and to remind you that you still have data to use so it isn't lost.


  • Each time you buy another eligible pack or renew your Flex plan, we’ll send you a text to let you know your pack or plan has started, this will include any leftover data that has been rolled over.


To see exactly how much data you have left, as well as your other allowances:



  • Text AL to 150


  • Text ROLLOVER to 150



How can I take advantage of Data Rollover if my pack isn't eligible?


If you want to switch to a 30 day Data Pack or an Everything Pack which includes Data Rollover, see our EE Pay as you go packs Help page>



  • You can give us a call on 150 or text 150 to swap between packs at any time, text PACKS to 150 for more information. Your new pack will start when your current pack ends.


  • If you use up your allowances, you can start a new pack early. Check you have enough credit by texting BALANCE to 150, When you want to start your pack text NOW to 150. We'll remove your current pack and replace it with your new one.


  • If you regularly use up your pack allowances early you may want to switch to a bigger pack. To do this just log in to My EE account online, > Menu > Pack and Add-On’s > Next Pack > Change.



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