by PachaMomma

Still 'No Service' in the Canaries

My iPhone has suddenly stopped working. It just says 'No Service'.
I am currently in the Canaries in Fuerteventura and can see other members are having similar issues in the Canaries and Spain.

The phone was last working on 29.12.2017. Since then, it just says No Service. The account is on a pay as you go with EE. It also has credit on it.

I have been using the same SIM card on Payg in Fuerteventura for the past year and encountered no problems until I visited the UK for Christmas, so I suspect the issue could be related to something to do with the EE network on NewYear's eve as I had friends with similar problems in the UK.

Now I am unable to text, call or use the internet. Which means people will be worried as they cannot get hold of me. I have tried the SIM card in two other handsets and it still doesn't work. I've restarted the device, no luck.

I can't connect to moviestar or any other local network.
I haven't upgraded my phone nor swapped the SIM card. I haven't migrated. The network just simply stopped working last Saturday.

Sadly I cannot just pop into a local branch and I am waiting for an urgent call and I need the phone to work.


Any advice greatly appreciated as I am unable to call Customer Services direct.Thanks

EE Community Support Team

Re: Still 'No Service' in the Canaries

Hello there @PachaMomma


Thanks for coming to the community.


When was the last time you did any of the below ?


  • Voice and data usage. This includes making calls, sending text messages and picture messages, retrieving a voicemail, and using data.
  • Topping up your account.
  • Buying a Pack or an Add-on.


Also, what happens when you try and select a different network?


Thanks, Leanne 🙂

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