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Reoccurring top up treat Not applied!



i called 150 from my mobile to get a balance.  There was a prerecorded message to say if I set up a reoccurring top up I would receive 7 days unlimited minutes texts and data.  I spoke to an advisor who not only ended up cancelling my current pack and giving me what he said was a better pack but basically messed up my account to up my account!  I've spoken to a few advisors since and sorted most out.  When I set up my reoccuring top up the advisor told me that the 7 day unlimited internet, texts and minutes would be applied within a couple of days. I've waited and it's not been applied! I called 150 and the only thing they did was give me unlimited texts which I already get in my pack and also an internet boost and told me the 7 day treat I was originally talked into setting up (which I only did because of the treat) wouldn't be added and they can't do anything about it! Has anyone else had these problem? I just want what was advertised and i haven't got it!


thanks in advance 

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Re: Reoccurring top up treat Not applied!

Hello @Shellbailey1983 sorry to hear you are having problems with a promotional offer not being added to your account. Due to this being a public user forum access to accounts is not allowed to look in to this through here. Since you have already tried to resolve this through customer service several times and have not been successful your next step would be to make a formal complaint to EE and try to resolve it that way. Here is a link containing more information on how to do so. :):

EE Community Support Team

Re: Reoccurring top up treat Not applied!

Hi @Shellbailey1983,


Welcome to the EE Community.


Please get in touch with customer service and let them know that your complimentary allowances haven't been activated yet.


They'll be happy to help.



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