by EzeeEzee

Remove itemised call number list

I need to remove itemised call list as I really do not wish to Relapse I need the number gone from this list so that I do not call it and I can start fresh

by EzeeEzee

How do I remove my itemised call list

I struggle with addiction I need to remove a number from my itemised call list online so that I don't call it anymore please help

by 11agraham Contributor

Re: Remove itemised call number list

Are you talking about on the device or from your account's call history?

by 11agraham Contributor

Re: Remove itemised call number list

If it is from your device follow instruction set 1 (Apple) or 2 (Android) for any other phones please go to the web address of it's manufacturer.


If it is on your account follow 3 (MyEE app and website)


Instruction 1: IOS devices

Go to your Call history and tap the minus symbol (to see the symbol swipe from left to right on newer versions of IOS)


Instruction 2: Android (stock)

Go to phone, Recent

then tap and hold the number you want to remove and tap delete


Instruction 3: MyEE app and website

Please Dial 150 (EE Mobile), 07953 966 250 on EE landline, 0800 079 8586 on non-ee landlines, or +44 (0) 7953 966 250 from abroad.

(details can be found on this webpage: EE - Get in touch)


point to note: I do not work for EE, EE's community or BT. I do however know a lot about phones, user usability and various service providers.


More about me: 

I used to be on PAYGO for 10 years before on 3 or 4 different networks I moved into contract  (I was on an Orange Plan Monkey pack when I was 8 which gave me something like 5 free songs every month, then a T-Mobile plan when I was 10 Then my phone went missing and then got a new phone at 13 and went on Giff Gaff then O2 for like a day before switching back to Giff Gaff then I was on EE when I was 14. I joined an EE contract when I turned 18 10 months ago.)

So I have compared and scoured the top 4 "parent" networks as well as their top "younger networks", Vodafone, EE, 3, O2, VOXI (Vodafone), GiffGaff (O2), Lebera Mobile, TESCO  mobile (O2), BT (EE), and ASDA mobile (EE) and to be honest EE is the best for their mix of Good Customer service (Vodafone Lacks), Excellent 4G and 3G coverage (O2 is worst) and Great Price PAYGO Plans (On par with GiffGaff)


by 11agraham Contributor

Re: Remove itemised call number list

You can also block numbers on a wide variety of phones, you may be able to get EE to completely block the number and prevent you access to it, find out more by calling the numbers I mentioned.

EE Community Support Team

Re: Remove itemised call number list

Hi @EzeeEzee,


Welcome to the EE Community.


Have you been able to remove the number from your phone's call history by following @11agraham's advice?


If you get in touch with customer services, the team will do everything they can to help you with this.


Don't hesitate to let us know if you have any further questions.





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