by ashelia

PAYG boost won't apply. Tried for over a month.



I've tried to claim my free boost for over two months now. I tried around January but it didn't work. I thought there was an error on the website, so I decided to try again later.


I've been very busy and decided to try again. It still doesn't work. I have two phone numbers on the same online account. The other account let me claim the boost.


Here's the message displayed when I try to claim the boost:


Sorry, there's a problem

Your Free Boost hasn't been added. Please try again.


I just realised there's a 60 day cut off. Please help.


Kind regards

by ashelia

Re: PAYG boost won't apply. Tried for over a month.

It's me again.


I contacted the online chat and they applied the boost for me. I hope the system fixes itself before next time.


If anyone has advice on what causes this problem, please let me know. I might need help again when the next boost comes.



EE Community Support Team

Re: PAYG boost won't apply. Tried for over a month.

Good Morning and welcome to the community @asheila. 


It's great to hear the team have been able to get this resolved for you. 


Thanks for coming back and letting us know, 


Katie 🙂

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