by plremcconn Investigator

PAYG Free boosts have disappeared

This is now the 3rd time that my 6 Free Data boosts have disappeared from my account.

Checking the App and they have gone and checking the on line account they have gone. Today whilst on the phone i toggeled between my accounts and the   1 boost it incorrectly said i had disappeared after the screen refreshed. So this time i went from 6 to 1 in 2 weeks and then from 1 to 0 in a couple of seconds


Each time i have phoned the helpline have stated  that their account / screen info shows my boosts as active, however screen grabs on my on line account show that not to be the case. And the fact I cant use the phone are testament to this being the case.

(I track my data usage period to period and I have not exhausted my data by any manner of means)

I have rebooted the phone , texted for the balance requests , but I am concerned that this keeps happening. The girl today has got a supervisor to add on a temp data amount ,(still waiting)  but my concern is that the boosts keep going , 


Causing greater concern is that my mobile is now essential as my home phone line has been destroyed by a car knocking out the BT green box outside my house , so i face a couple of weeks with no telephony or broadband


Im at my wits end as I can see no rational reason why this should be the case.


Where do I go from here if this happens for a 4th time when my pack renews in August. 

EE Employee

Re: PAYG Free boosts have disappeared

Hi @plremcconn and welcome to the community



I have sent you a Private Message to gain some details to help.


Many thanks,



by sandylyons Contributor

Re: PAYG Free boosts have disappeared

Did you get any resolution to this?  I have a similar problem with some of mine having disappeared over a few months.

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