by Jx98

Not getting the correct data I usually get

I usually top up my phone without fail using the £15.00 everything pack. I have used this service many years so built up loads of free data boosts. I usually recieve 12gb every month instead of the 2gb that the everything pack provides. (This is due to rolled over data and all the free boosts) However when checking my balance on the app and on message. I'm only receiving 6gb of data. I dont find this fair at all, I'm a loyal customer and should be provided with what I have learnt and I have learnt much more than 4gb of free data boosts. I have already spoken on the phone but not resolved. Was told I still have 12gb but I do not. Also I'm constantly not having any signal in my area. It's terrible near enough every week. EE HELP! WHATS GOING ON!

EE Community Support Team

Re: Not getting the correct data I usually get

Hi @Jx98


Welcome to the community. 🙂


What does it say on the add-on status page?


With regard to your signal, are there any maintenance works in your area? you can check on our network status checker.



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