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Multiple disabilities lost VIP everything pack accident in pack renewal, help?

I have multiple disabilities and rely very heavily on mobile data: {due to my supported accommodation I have no option of WiFi/broadband (nor landline)}.


Two weeks ago EE text saying 80% data used came but right after that my  internet stopped working.


Hour of panic later I managed to get 100mb data. And realised the warning text had been extremely delayed (& there’s no alert when out of data?)

I struggle with reading layouts and finding any info on pack renewal is very very challenging & not clear.. I was very distressed and eventually got new pack via stop pack and re-buying but had accidentally lost VIP everything pack in process of needing to be able to access internet urgently.

I need access to support forums and help. And use other online tools to help me.


It was 4am by now and I am phobic of phone (& I’ve Communication  difficulties)so calling CS not option. 


I now have 20 DAYS LEFT and nearly out of data on this data 15 pound pack.


Is there a way to get back on the VIP everything pack please as that’s my only affordable option

....and please with the instructions for how to renew early? That would be fantastic help.

The EE 4G signal is excellent and has improved my life and I don’t want to leave EE due to the confusion and panic from my internet cutting off (80% gone of 8GB would still leave plenty time to sort if warning reliable and if it was explained how to renew vip pack.).


 (I have now registered my disabilities via EE’s form but it tick box nowhere to explain how affected). 


Thank you for your time in this.

by Grand Master
Grand Master

Re: Multiple disabilities lost VIP everything pack accident in pack renewal, hel

@the_pix  Once you come off a  special promotion pack then you cannot go back on it as you have to stay on it.   You could of just purchased more data if needed and remained on the pack.   If you want to try and get back on it you will have to call customer services as this is a account related issue and this is just a public forum and there is no account access here.  There is no online chat for PAYG customers and there is no email address that you can use.  Sorry 

EE Community Support Team

Re: Multiple disabilities lost VIP everything pack accident in pack renewal, hel

Good morning @the_pix


Thanks for coming to see us in community 🙂


@Chris_B is right and this would need you to speak to our customer services team.


Have you seen our Extra support page?


Here's how you can make sure you get the most out of EE.


Customer service tailored to your needs.


As soon as we know about your disability, we can make sure we tailor our customer service to your needs.


Fill out this confidential form and we'll do the rest.


More info on customer services >


Hope this helps





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