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How to stop a reccuring top up?

I currently have a recurring top up set up however will be switching to contract soon so need to stop this before it goes out of my bank. 

I've already tried calling 150 and using option 2; when thru to that I hear that I've got a reccuring top up that can be cancelled/amended at any time but when I carry on it only gives me the option of setting one up instead of removing one?? The same with going through My EE online. 

Both tell me that I already have a reccuring top up set up but there is no option to remove an existing one, only to add one to the account even tho there already is one?

I know that I definitely have a reccuring top up set up and that there is no delay in a cancellation of one as I received a text saying the payment couldn't be taken from my bank this morning.

Thank you for any help 🙂 

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Grand Master

Re: How to stop a reccuring top up?

Login to your MyEE / Menu / Auto Top-Up:


Scroll right to the bottom of the page and click on the text link that says ‘Cancel this Recurring Top-up’. A box will open up, asking if you’re sure, and if you are, click yes. You’ll be taken back to the homepage and a message will appear at the top of the page saying ‘Your Recurring top-up has been cancelled.’

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by Kelly276 Investigator

Re: How to stop a reccuring top up?

Hi, thanks for your answer however I don’t have an option that says ‘cancel this recurring top up’? There is a button that says ‘cancel’ next to a ‘continue’ button but when I clicked on that it just takes me back to the homepage of my account, and from what I can gather is just the cancel button for the process of entering the ‘Auto top up ‘ tab of my account.


Upon trying again to see if I missed anything there is a message in red saying ‘payment failed, we couldn’t complete your pack renewal’ as at the time there wasn’t enough money in my account. Would this mean that the recurring top up had stopped automatically? And that may be why I can’t cancel it, as it’s technically already cancelled?

EE Community Support Team

Re: How to stop a reccuring top up?

Hi @Kelly276,


Welcome to the EE Community.


It does sound like your recurring top up has been cancelled. Our customer service team will be happy to check for you.





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