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Flex tariffs?

Just looked at these and I see only 2, yes 2 choices. Why doesnt ee (or any other network for that matter) offer TRULY flexible tariffs where you can choose the amount of minutes texts and data you want by using SLIDERS to vary what you want? This is flexible in the true meaning of the word, not what the network dictates you can choose from. Anyone agree?

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Re: Flex tariffs?

Hi @Class40


I don't think you have grasped the point of the flex plan.


No contract, no strings

With a Flex plan, like pay monthly, you set up one monthly payment so you never have to worry about topping up.


But, like pay as you go, there’s no contract. So you can change, pause or stop your plan whenever it suits you.


Plus, your unused data rolls over to the following month, and you can change your allowances whenever you like

The example you give you can tailor via PAYG packs so if you want as these are more tailorable than the fixed Flexi plans. 




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Re: Flex tariffs?

Hi @Class40


There are lots of benefits to choosing a Flex plan, as laid out by @Northerner above. 🙂


I appreciate your feedback and will pass it on.


Find out more about Flex plans >





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