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Cancel top up

As I arrived to Canada I receive a text for UNLIMITED data for 3 days if I added the top up for 6 pounds. Given the lack of data, my assumption here was it was promotional offer for travellers and this was a friendly text from EE acknowledging I was abroad (didn't receive anything I can add on as I am abroad via your multiple texts - total failure to know consumer needs)


1) Can you make your texts more clear on this promotions? Providing a link explaining the promotion to someone who doesn't have data can compromise the understanding of the offer

2) How can I cancel it? I am not in London for the next 5 days, so I am not using this offer at all. I have had it active for less than an hour

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Re: Cancel top up

Hi there @ealexanderm


Thanks for coming to the community.


Hope you're having a great time in Canada.


Was the text an offer for use within Canada or the UK?


Did you text back to accept the promotion?




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Grand Master

Re: Cancel top up

Are you saying you received an offer of unlimited UK data as you arrived in Canada? If you had your phone off since before leaving the UK the text may have been sent to you in the UK but was delayed until you switched your phone on in Canada in order to be able to receive it. . 

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Re: Cancel top up

Thanks, but I received the same promo for three days in a row while already in Canada. 

by ealexanderm Investigator

Re: Cancel top up

Hi Leanne,


The text didn't specify and I receive it for three days in a row after arriving in Canada. I never received a text on the charges if I used my phone abroad, so the assumption here was this was the text for international charges. 


Yes, I did accept the offer and texted back after it was the third day and last day to use the promotion. I had not needed data until then, so here we are.

EE Community Team

Re: Cancel top up

Hi @ealexanderm,


Our customer care team will be able to check the promotion text you were sent out on your account. 


If this was sent in error for a UK promotion when you were in Canada, then they will be able to refund you the cost of the bundle as you would not have been able to use it.


Are you still in Canada at the moment? If you are and would like to contact our care team straight away, you can use our Live Chat service to contact our team while you are away.



Alex 🙂


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