by alicelight1

441 Web n walk

I tried using 441 Web to reuse it for five days, all I got was sorry we couldn't regonise your request please try again. I don't want to waste the money I already have on it if it keeps doing this, is there any way to fix it. 

by Murty1690
New Member

Re: 441 Web n walk

You'll be fobbed off and told to contact Customer Services in the usual dismissive way, The 441 number has been unavailable since early December but no effort has been made to fix things for nearly TWO WEEKS because EE don't give a Hugo Boss about pay as you go customers, don't waste anymore of your time or money, find a better network rather than these rip-off merchants.

EE Community Support Team

Re: 441 Web n walk

Hi @alicelight1


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If you are having any difficulty with this, please report this into our technical team via customer services and they can look into this for you.







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