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£30 taken instead of £5



I'm new to EE, I have recently ordered a SIM only with £5 topup. After popping the SIM into my phone around 17:00, no welcome messages or anything appeared so I left my phone to be. I checked what else came through the post, there was a pamphlet which told me it would take atleast 24 hours for my top up to arrive into my SIM. Around 22:37 on the 26/04/2018, I received a message from 150, thanking me for joining EE. As well as this, in the same text it told me the pack I applied for on the internet the £1 talk pack. And to start using the pack I have to call, text or go online. 

So I decided to text 'AL', to see my balance, it says i have £30 as of today 22:38! and it was topped up on the 26/04/2018 at 22:37.

This is suprising as well as shocking as, I definitely did not order £30 top up. 

I have not used any and do not intend to yet. 


To see my bills i went to check online on ''. The wesbite is not working and it says 'SORRY YOU CANNOT ACCESS MY EE RIGHT NOW', were working on making MY EE even better. We'll be back online as soon as possible. 


As you know this is frustrating, I just want to know why i was charged £30 out of knowehere. 




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Grand Master

Re: £30 taken instead of £5

@Usman225: Did you actually shell out £30 when you ordered the SIM. If not, you can't be charged it later on. Either you somehow got it free or that AL msg is in error.

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by Usman225

Re: £30 taken instead of £5

Thanks for the reply, I did not spend £30, looking at the Delviery note, it says I paid £5 for the topup and nothing for the SIM. I find it bizzare, why would i be sent a £30, aswell as telling me the top up was made?

'BALANCE' and 'AL' are the same, they both show the balance. 


Kind regards,


EE Community Support Team

Re: £30 taken instead of £5

Hi @Usman225,


Thanks for joining the EE Community.


Please get in touch with customer services so we can take a quick look at your account. The team will be happy to help.



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