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How to set up your Osprey

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The Osprey Mini is a mobile 4G WiFi router using EE, the UKs fastest mobile network. It works just like your home router, except it fits in your pocket and provides you with your own little bubble of internet wherever you are, whenever you need it. You can connect up to 10 individual devices to the Osprey Mini - so whether you're on the move or just want the reliability of EE's network, the Osprey Mini is for you. If you're used to public WiFi hotspots then get ready to go to a whole new kind of quick. 


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Setting it up is as quick as EE's network! So, first things first. When you unbox the Osprey Mini you'll find the mobile router, some colourful bands and a SIM card. 


  • On the right hand side of the device is the SIM card tray. Insert your micro SIM into the device. (note; it only accepts micro SIM cards)
  • Press and hold the power button on the front of device for three seconds. The lights on the device should show up.
  • The power button will show your remaining battery in the form of four lights - the more lights on means the more juice you've got!
  • The top of the device displays the signal strength as well as if you're connected to 4G or 3G. There's also a messages notification light. Handy!
  • Top tip: The colourful bumper bands snap on and off in an instant - simply choose your favourite and wrap it round the device for protection & style!

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OK, so your device should now be set up. You've picked your favourite band and you're ready to connect to your Osprey Mini! If you thought setting it up was a breeze, just wait until you find out how easy it is to connect. 


  • Within your Osprey Mini packaging you should have a 'Keep Me Card'. On the reverse of this card should be your mobile WiFi network name & password, along with three simple steps on how to get online.
  • To connect, simply switch your Osprey Mini on (remember, the lights on the device should light up temporarily).
  • On the device you wish to connect, look up its list of WiFi networks, give it a minute or two to find your Osprey and your mobile network name should appear.
  • Tap the network name on the device you wish to connect. You should be prompted to enter a password, which can be found on your Keep Me Card.

If you're connected but aren't able to access the internet, make sure you've got a good connection to the EE mobile network. You can do this by checking the signal indicator on the device. 




Q. How can I access the control panel for my Osprey Mini?

A. Simply type '' into your browser. You'll see a plethora of information, from how much data you've got left, the number of devices connected, your signal strength and much more. Note, you have to access from a device which is connected to the Osprey Mini.


Q. I'm having an issue with my Osprey Mini and I don't know what to do!

A. Don't worry. In the rare case you come across a problem with your Osprey Mini, simply reset the device. You can find the reset button next to the SIM card tray.


Q. I want to purchase more data on my Osprey Mini.

A. Head to your control panel (see the first Q for instructions) and you'll be able to purchase more data quickly and without fuss. 


Q. What plans are available?

A. Both PAYG (pay as you go) and PAYM (pay monthly) plans are available, so if you're an occasional user or are a non-stop data lover, EE has plans to suit your needs.


Q. What's the battery life like?

A. The Osprey Mini will keep you going with 6 hours of non-stop browsing. It'll deliver around 50 hours on standby. 


Q. How do I change the name of my network name or password?

A. Simply log into your control panel (see the first Q for instructions). You'll then be able to enter the device settings and change the name and password. 


Q. How can I extend my battery life?

A. You can connect the Osprey via USB to either the device you're connected to or a power adapter with a standard USB feed.


Q. I turned on my device but all the lights have gone off - is it still on?

A. To preserve battery the lights will turn off after a short while. To check your signal strength & status simply tap the power button to see what your connection is like.




That's it! The Osprey Mini is an excellent choice if you need fast & reliable internet on the move. If you have any questions or comments join in the conversation by replying below. 


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