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Old Orange account

Hi, I have (or should that be had) an Orange acount where I need to change the login  password.


As Orange is no more, can I still do this through EE using my Orange account number?


Thanks for looking.


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Ace Contributor

Re: Old Orange account

Are you still using this Orange account? 


You may need to call EE to get this done.


But you could try to sign up on the MyEE part using your Orange account number

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Re: Old Orange account

There are no longer any online Orange accounts.  All Orange online accounts where switched off some time ago now.


You can currently only have an EE or an old T-Mobile online account now.  All T-Mobile online accounts are also shutting down from February 28th 2019 as well.


EE online accounts will not show Orange or T-Mobile plans unfortunately, however, all Orange plans are also soon to be converted to EE 3G plans though and once that happens, you will then be able to view the new EE account online (you will need to create a new online EE account).

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Re: Old Orange account

Hi Brendon,

Yes I'm still using The Orange account, but it seems they're all soon to be passed over to EE, so I'll try your 3rd suggestion.



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Re: Old Orange account

Thanks for the info - looks like an EE account for me.

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Grand Master

Re: Old Orange account

You can't open a MyEE a/c with an Orange no. You'll have to wait until EE forcibly changes you to EE 3G. See Orange pay monthly is moving to EE .

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