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Email security



I have recently received an email from someone I have never heard of, but they have put my name and address details in the main body of the email and say they have a large amount of personal info about me.  There is also an attachment to the email - but I have not opened it!  It has aroused my suspicions because of the very bad spelling and grammar.


Is there anyone at Orange who I can forward the email to for checking?  I'm sure it's some kind of scammer or phishing email.



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Re: Email security

Your email a/c has not been hacked. Spammers have got hold of your email addy from emails you or your contacts have sent out or from sites you have registered at. These chancers are now sending out phishing spam to you in the hope that you'll fall for it.


Just ignore it & delete the email.


There's nowt EE can do. The cat is out the bag. If you'll feel safer change your password on your Orange a/c's.

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Re: Email security

I got one of these the other day.  Just ignore and delete and under no circumstances open the attached word document is it probably contains a worm/malwear.

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Re: Email security



Here's some information about phishing & common scams, specifically regarding spam e-mails - hopefully it's of some use Smiley Happy






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