by HarryLilli78

I can't get a code for NHS discount

Im losing the will to live... in daily trying to get on EE site to get my nhs discount and it's constantly saying "sorry, there was a problem" I've called up and they have said they can't help me as they need a code... I'm going round in circles and thinking of leaving EE as I never got this hassle with Vodafone!!!

by Grand Master
Grand Master

Re: I can't get a code for NHS discount

EE Community Support Team

Re: I can't get a code for NHS discount

Morning @HarryLilli78


Thanks for posting on the community.


Have you been able to access the EE Perk portal to get your discount code?


Once you're in the EE Perk portal, select new customer and you will be able to register your company email address or upload your payslip for your discount code. You will then receive an email to validate your details.


You will then have access to the EE Perk portal where you can generate up to five discount codes.  


If you have previously registered for EE Perk, please log into the EE Perk portal with your email address and password to receive your discount codes.


Let us know how you get on 🙂





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