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How can I trade in my old phone or tablet to get a better deal with EE?


Trade in allows you to use the value of your old phone towards upgrade costs, accessories, your bill or even sent back to your bank account as cold hard cash.


What is Trade In?


Got an old phone in a kitchen drawer? An old tablet hidden away on a bookshelf? Trade in lets you send these devices back to us and use the value towards your next upgrade.


Not only is this better for the environment, you can easily use the value earned from your trade in to discount:


  • your early upgrade fee
  • the up front cost of your new device
  • accessories


Or you just have the money transferred back into your bank account directly.


The great thing about trade in is that you can do it at any time that suits you.



How and where can I trade in my old device?


It’s easy, just follow these steps:


  1. Pop instore, online or call 150.
  2. Get a quote for your device.
  3. Hand it over in store or send it off in the prepaid envelope we’ll post to you.
  4. Use your money immediately.*

*For customers that do opt for BACs transfer – this on average takes 3-5 working days.



Can anyone trade in their old device?


There’s no limitation on who can trade in their device. You may have:


  1. joined EE and have an old device from another network
  2. upgraded with EE and got a new device
  3. an old device (on any network) that’s simply gathering dust in a drawer.



What if I don’t return my device or I send back the wrong one?


  • If you don’t send back your device within 14 days as agreed, we will charge the value of the discount given onto your next EE bill.
  • If you send us a different device to the one agreed we will send your old device back with a new returns pack. You will then have five days to send us the correct device or we will charge the value of the discount given onto your next EE bill.



Can I trade in my old Apple Watch?


Yes, you can trade in your old Apple Watch and use the value towards a new watch.



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