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Friends and Family discount on the £16 30Gb tariff



I already have a F&F discount running on a tariff. I’ve seen that EE are offering a 30Gb package with unlimited texts & minutes for £16 a month. 


The 30Gb deal is here 




I read the post here




about a 100Gb special tariff that the F&F discount could be applied to and wondered if the F&F could also be applied to the 30Gb one?


does anyone know if this is correct?



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Ace Contributor

Re: Friends and Family discount on the £16 30Gb tariff

You do know that the 30gb sim only deal at £16 is a business account so wont have VAT added into that price so you need to increase that by 20%

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Re: Friends and Family discount on the £16 30Gb tariff

Hi Brendon,


yes, understood. My existing small business tariff has vat added too. This is a 2Gb tariff with 8gb extra free (10Gb total) at £16+vat a month, less the 30% F&F discount. I just wanted to know if the F&F can be applied to this 30Gb deal.



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Re: Friends and Family discount on the £16 30Gb tariff

Good Morning @Stuj.


Welcome to the community 🙂


The minimum price of a small business plan to be eligible for F&F discount is £17.00.


Medium and corporate businesses are not eligible for the discount.


There is no mention in the terms and conditions as to whether the £17.00 minimum is before or after VAT, so I'd recommend getting in touch with our small business customer service team.



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