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EE Switch Offer

Ordered new phone on the 8th of november and was given the time scale of 30 days after my phone arriving that I would have the nintendo switch, Phone arrives on the 9th of November.

I waited patiently for the 30 days as I know that these things can take theyre time to go through the process

Its now been 32 days, I have contact customer services who advised me that apparently an email was sent out on the 2nd of december to tell everyone that there was a delay with the switchs arrivals and it would be an additional 14 days, I was wondering if anyone else received this email? As it did not come through to me and they assured me it could be because it is a bulk email. Either way it is now over the original 30 days and now into these additional 14 days extra that apparently have been added on.

Can anyone in EE give some clear information if there is a delay because the live chat on here seems to think there is a delay but I have not seen any offical confirmation of this

Thank You

EE Community Support Team

Re: EE Switch Offer

Hello there @GrantTheHuman


Thanks for coming to the community.


I have sent you a private message on here to get some details.


Speak soon, Leanne.

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