by Taraleexxx1

Armed Forces discount

COULD we start doing a discount for our soldiers armed forces  my son has just come back from serving in Germany been payed his wages and a large chunk of it went to 're for his bill and he will soon be of to Afghan were I think a 're discount for our boys and girl serving would be a great idea. Thanks for reading kind regards Tara.

EE Community Support Team

Re: Armed Forces discount

Hi @Taraleexxx1


Thanks for coming to the community to give us this feedback.


We do have an EE Perk discount which is a corporate discount, your son could check to see if his employer has signed up for this offer.


If they are next time he upgrades or takes a new contract, he will be able to apply for the EE Perk discount codes.


If he is eligible for the discount, he will have five unique discount codes, meaning that friends and family can also benefit from the discount too.


Come back to the community anytime 🙂



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