by darren000

Android phone saying "Sign into network"



A couple of days agao my Android phone (Samsung J7) lost mobile connectivity. I now get a notification on the phone saying "Sign in to network (EE)"  ... which if I click on it leads to a T-Mobile page (     The pages says Error "You're not connected to the T-Mobile network, so we dont know whether you currently have any internet boosters"


Can any one explain what the problem is?  I've been using this T-Mobile account without problem for many years.





by Ace Contributor
Ace Contributor

Re: Android phone saying "Sign into network"

Hi @darren000

Do you any credit in your account or you have any data add-on? A message you mention you only get that if you don't have credit or data in your T Mobile account.


EE Community Team

Re: Android phone saying "Sign into network"

Morning @darren000,


Welcome to the community 🙂


Did you get a chance to check your balance yesterday as @tahirmian advised?


Let us know how you got on.



Alex 🙂

by darren000

Re: Android phone saying "Sign into network"

Well , I don't think it's credit related.   I've never had this problem in all the time I've had my mobile phone.


So I did phone 150.  The lady on the other end said there had been 3G problems, supposedly caused due to the increased use of 4G network.  Sounded like complete nonesense to me; spectrums don't work that way.  So solution offered was for me to pay another £9 a month to update from my non-working 3G sim to a 4G sim.   Sadly had to opt for it, but over all not impressed with EE here.  Hope I get around to cancelling at some stage.

EE Community Support Team

Re: Android phone saying "Sign into network"

Good Morning @darren000.


Thank you for keeping us updated.


I have sent you a private message for further information.


Speak soon, Katie 🙂 



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