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Where's my EE pay monthly order?

If you’ve ordered a new phone, tablet or mobile broadband device on a pay monthly plan, we know you’ll be looking forward to receiving it.


Here’s how to track your EE delivery and a summary of the process.



I’ve placed my order – where do I find out when I'll get it?


If your order includes items on a pay monthly plan you'll receive a text message or email that will have a link to our online order tracker. If you haven’t got the email or text then don’t worry as you can also link directly to our online tracker in MyEE.



I can’t find my order number or the one you gave me doesn’t work, what do I do?


The order confirmation number can be found in the order confirmation email  or text that we sent you. It will consist of 10-12 characters which can be numbers or a combination of numbers and letters.


If you’re having problems with the order number double check you’re using the email address or phone number that you gave us when you placed the order. If you still have problems give us a call on 150 to confirm your order number is correct.



When will I get my order?


Once we have received your items from the manufacturer we do our best to get them out to you within 24 hours via our delivery partner DPD. You’ll receive a text from DPD to tell you it’s on the way the day before your delivery.


If you have opted for delivery to an EE store the process is the same – you’ll receive a DPD text to tell you when it’s going to arrive ready for you to collect. Just remember to bring a valid form of ID with you when you pick it up.


SIM orders will arrive within 3-5 working days.



What ID is required for my delivery/collection?


The DPD couriers and EE Retail stores both accept slightly different forms of photo ID :


DPD home delivery - One of the below
Photographic driving license
International ID card 


EE Retail - All of the below
The card that you paid with
The email confirmation of your order

A valid form of ID :



Passport (valid and in date)

Photo Driving License (valid and in date)


The delivery date in the order tracker doesn’t show a date – what does this mean?


Occasionally we are unable to accurately predict the delivery date for your item, especially when it’s new to the market or in high demand. If the delivery date is blank or says “awaiting confirmation” it means we can’t tell you for sure, but we will send you an update by email or text as soon as this changes.



I can’t be at home for my DPD delivery. What do I need to do?


If you miss your delivery the DPD driver will leave a card so you can arrange another delivery. However you can also log in to the DPD app and rearrange the delivery in advance if the suggested time isn’t convenient for you.


If a family member at your address has a valid form of ID, and has the same surname as you, they'll be able to sign for your order.



For any other questions we have a Help page with lots of information about the delivery process with EE.


However you can also ask us by tapping “Reply” below.

by AdeBrown

Re: Where's my EE pay monthly order?

I ordered an upgrade to be delivered to a shop 5 days ago.


According the the email, the phone is
"Now in stock.  Usually dispatched within 1 day to you or your local EE store."


I have received no tracking link from DPD and no further acknowledgement from ee, and when I follow the instructions to track it a message appears 

"Sorry, we were unable to complete your request right now. Please try again later."


The last time this happened, I went to an ee shop and there was no record of my order.
Please advise how I can speak to a human to sort this delivery.



EE Community Support Team

Re: Where's my EE pay monthly order?

Good Afternoon @AdeBrown.


Thanks for coming to the community.


Did you place this order online?


When the order was complete did you receive a confirmation email?


Speak soon,


Katie 🙂

by AdeBrown

Re: Where's my EE pay monthly order?

Hello Katie,


yes I ordered online, and received a confirmation email with a reference.

This was an upgrade for a monthly pay account.


I have not received any further notification email or text, and the website says I should do within a day.

EE Community Support Team

Re: Where's my EE pay monthly order?

Hi there @AdeBrown


Thanks for coming back to us.


If you give us a call on 150 our Mobile Care team will be able to check your account and give you an update on your order.


Let me know how it goes.


Leanne 🙂

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