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Upgrade order issues (and your website is useless)

Pretty frustrated by how useless the EE website appears to be. In addition to taking a tediously long time to load my account info (regardless of what device, network or browser I use to access it), it also seems to just not bother conveying orders properly.


Just over a week ago I placed an order for an upgrade through the online store, received a confirmation email with an order number only to hear nothing for 2 days. Order tracking doesn't work (showed a status of "timed out" immediately). Contacted live chat who advised that the order simply didn't exist; they had to raise it again for me manually. Got the DPD text the same day, received phone the next day. Fair enough, figured it was a one-off.


Then this weekend I placed another upgrade order for the second line on my account, again received the confirmation email but no further contact. Order tracking still didn't work, and this time live chat advised me that they could see the order but it had "gotten stuck" in the system. Again they raised a new order with a new number and advised that delivery would be today, but this time I've not had any contact from DPD and once again, order tracking doesn't work. So i'm now in the dark about whether or not this is going to arrive.


What exactly is the point of allowing you to upgrade through the site if it then doesn't actually place your order, and giving you somewhere to track your order that doesn't actually work? And I can see from the myriad other threads that this is a problem that's been going on since before Christmas.


I mean, I can't fault the individual EE staff who have been very helpful, but it seems to me you are getting a lot of work thrust upon them you a shoddy website and back-end system that doesn't do what it's supposed to.


Anyway, if somebody could take the time to advise me whether or not phone is coming today (and if not, why not?) I'd be grateful.

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Re: Upgrade order issues (and your website is useless)

Hi and welcome to the community @Halandaar


I understand your frustration with this issue.


Here in the community, we are unable to access any customer accounts so we would be unable to give you any details of pending deliveries.


Have you downloaded the DPD app and registered on there to see if any deliveries are pending?


Many thanks,





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