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Failed Upgrade

So last weekend I placed an order online to upgrade my phone.  I was given the option to have the device delivered to an EE store so I chose the one about 1mins walk from my office as I assumed this would be simpler than getting it sent to my office.


I got some initial text messages to suggest the order was being processed and was expecting to receive a text from DPD to tell me when they were due to attempt delivery.  I then heard nothing through to Wednesday afternoon and at that point started trying to contact EE and DPD to see what was going on.


After several phone calls it turns out that DPD had attempted to deliver the device to the store that morning but it was rejected and that the device was being returned to EE.  No one was able to tell my why it was rejected and it turns out contacting DPD and speaking to a human is impossible.


I was told that my best option would be to go into the store and find out what had happened.  I think its pretty poor that it was left to me as the customer to try and get to the bottom of what had gone wrong.


Anyway, I managed to get to the store before it closed, spoke to someone there who was perfectly nice but essentially said that they wouldn't have rejected the delivery and that I should contact the online sales people again.


So, I phone EE again later that evening, speak to someone else and he is able to tell me that he can see on the system that an individual in the store did in fact reject delivery of the phone and gives me her name but isn't able to tell me why she rejected it.  His advice?  Go back to the store, speak to that person and find out why.


So at this point, I've had enough and want to cancel the upgrade and change provider.  I can't do this though, because the order will not be cancelled until EE receive the device back from DPD.


According to the DPD tracker the phone has been sitting in their depot in Barking since Thursday morning and its still showing that as I write this.  However, I called EE yet again yesterday morning and someone told me that they actually already had it back at the warehouse.


As of yet, I have had no confirmation that my order has been cancelled or that the phone has actually been returned. Even so, until someone actually processes it, I can't make any other arrangements and so far the device has potentially been back with EE for over 2 days.  Or it might not be with them at all, if DPD's tracker is to be believed.


Given I have absolutely no control or influence over any of this, I think it is a bit insane that I can't actually cancel the order and get my money back until I'm told otherwise and no one at EE has so far been remotely helpful in getting this sorted.  The only reason I have even a vague idea as to what is going on is because I've made repeated phone calls to find out.


If anyone has any suggestions on how I can get this whole thing resolved I'd love to hear from you!  

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Re: Failed Upgrade

@pentagonx I think you can't do anything to speed up the cancellation process. It's an unfortunate and unforeseeable situation for you. Parhaps the package looked damage so the EE Shop person refused to accept it. If you really want to find out why for sure it was rejected you could ask of course. There might have been a good reason such as the one I postulated. 

EE Community Support Team

Re: Failed Upgrade

Hi there @pentagonx


I am very sorry to hear this has happened with your upgrade and would like to help you get this looked into.


I have sent you a private message to get some details.


Speak soon.



by pentagonx

Re: Failed Upgrade

I responded to your DM this morning but haven't heard anything, other than a text suggesting my current phone will be locked.

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