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payment update on credit report

hi all, i left EE last year (moved house poor signel etc), anyway i deault on my account as i cancelled my DD, i have since paid this but it still says its outstanding on my credit report, is there anyway to contact someone who can update the account with the credit agenceys?


many thanks guys


[mod edit: please do not post personal information such as account numbers on the public board. Thanks!]

by Grand Master
Grand Master

Re: payment update on credit report

@johnski  It will update on its own.  But unfortunately defaults will remain for a period of time and EE can

not change a credit report just because the balance has now been paid. EE do not control your credit report. 


Ps do not post any information about yourself or your account on a public forum. 

EE Community Support Team

Re: payment update on credit report

Hi @johnski


Thanks for posting in community 🙂


Here is some help from our How does EE use my credit file information? support article.


What are late payments and defaults?


A late payment will show when a bill is paid late. If it is two months late, it will show as a 2, three months late will show as a 3 and so on. 


A default is the result of a bill or bills being paid late for six months in a row.


We’re not required to write to customers to tell them we are recording a default on their credit file or provide a copy of their original agreement.


See our understanding credit files help and support pages for further information.


How do I query my credit file?


There are 4 ways to query something on your credit file;


1. Via Chat 


Click on this link between 9-5, Monday to Friday:


2. Via email to us

Orange, T-Mobile and EE –

3. Via a credit reference agency

Experian –

Equifax –

Call Credit –

4. Send a letter to our credit referrals team


6 Camberwell Way

Doxford Park




Please ensure you provide all of the following details in order for us to review your query:


  • Your full name
  • Your address including postcode
  • A contact telephone number
  • As much detail around your query as possible


We will aim to respond to queries via email within 48 hours but queries by post may take a little longer.


Thank you





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