by CeriM

Unexpected charges from Bounce games?

I had noticed my bills were higher than usual and significantly increasing in price each month. Being on paperless billing I assumed I had went over my data but on further inspection I had noticed I have been getting charges 2.50 per week for a gaming service called Bounce Mobile Games. 


I contacted EE on my issue reporting I had no clue what the service was and had no memory of subscribing to the service. I was told I may have accidently subscribed for the service but they would block my number from anymore 3rd party services and I would receive a refund. 


This was fine until I received an email from the service saying it was my fault and I may or may not have accidently signed up for the service. They attached an image of an advertisement I would of clicked to sign up and I can confirm I have never seen the advertisement. I had a short Google search of the website and I didn't recognise this either. 


My subscription has been stopped but I want to know how it got started in the first place when I have no knowledge of the service and also have anyone had the same problem recently? 

by Grand Master
Grand Master

Re: Unexpected charges from Bounce games?

@CeriM   Your not alone with this as many customers have done the same sort of thing.  

by Grand Master
Grand Master

Re: Unexpected charges from Bounce games?

These will be reversed-charged texts from Premium Rate nos. you may have inadvertently subscribed to via Web or TV. EE are not obliged to refund you but you may complain to the Premium rate regulator Phone-paid Services Authority or the firm itself. You can check out those nos. yourself on that site.


You could try texting STOP to the number, but it may cost and may not work. 


You should also ask EE to block Premium Rate numbers so this doesn't happen in future.

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Re: Unexpected charges from Bounce games?

Good Morning @CeriM


Thanks for coming here.


I would certainly suggest giving us a call so we can block premium rate numbers for you.


Full information can be found on our charge to mobile page here>


Thanks, Leanne.

by Capotec2017

Re: Unexpected charges from Bounce games?

Hi -I have just discovered the same thing yesterday while checking my bill. I'm up nearly £20 per month on these stupid games that I must have been conned into subscribing to.  I would never knowingly subscribe to this -EVER.  I found an email address for snack games and emailed them and instructed them to stop immediately. I didnt want to text Stop to 07 blah blah blah as I didnt want to get charged to stop a thing I had never wanted in the first place.


EE, is there not something you can do to ensure crystal clear consent for this borderline fraudulent activity. Because if you dont, the GDPR is going to get you next year big time and the fines are very very big. The extra services bar should be on by default and only when the customer specifically asks for these services, consciously and knowingly, should it be lifted.

by kintala1

Re: Unexpected charges from Bounce games?

Yes this has happened to myself also just realised 5 month later as I'd been on holiday and had others I new on holiday I just expected that these were extra charges 

got them canceled today 

I too would like to know how I've been charged £2.50 a week for something again I never signed up for I've also never received any texts from this company and still been charged the £10-00 a month

is this only a EE customer scam or does anyone know if it's happening on other providers 

think this needs looked into big time

by kintala1

Re: Unexpected charges from Bounce games?

If this is only a EE scam then it really needs reporting so we can get our money back 

Needs looked into

by Mrsp1

Re: Unexpected charges from Bounce games?

The same thing has just happened to me also, I've just realised after 10 months that's I've been charged by bounce games for something I did not subscribe for nor use! 

So far they've taken £94.50 over the last 10 months, no confirmation text was ever sent to say that I had subscribed.

When i called EE after I realised I was being charged for something additional they confirmed the company name and details and told me they will block the third party numbers! 

I contacted the company a little while ago and spoke to Matus he seemed helpful but was quick to tell me why i was calling even before I had informed him of my situation! He told me exactly when and what time my phone had 'subscribed' to the bounce games and that a confirmation txt was sent (I never received this) anyway i told him I had never subscribed nor used the service and wanted a full refund for £94.50. He explained he would have to confirm the amount but a refund will be provided! I opted for refund via PayPal as I've read it's the easiest and quickest method. Hes quoted 14 working days, here's having my finger crossed that it comes through, will keep you updated!

by stewartk Investigator

Re: Unexpected charges from Bounce games?

I embarrassed to admit that I too did not check my bill carefully enough to realise that my company was also being conned in this way.  The 14 days to prove robust evidence of consent to the charge passed months ago and both EE and PM Connect have a tried and tested set of delaying tactics.


The fact that it is an offence under for traders to use misleading or underhand tactics to get you to part with your cash or make some other transactional decision that you would not otherwise have made doesn't seem to bother them.


EE must be getting a big cut to continually turn a blind eye and fob customers off.

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