by tetsujin

Log in to my acount

Hi, I have had an account ever since EE was formed and I had one with Orange before that. I have never had any issues, but now I cannot log in. I have tried the few different passwords that I use, but none work. I tried resetting my password, but I am not receiving any emails. Tried several times, but still nothing. I know the email address is correct as I used it to log in before. I also attempted to register again, but it says my email is already in use. How can I access my account if I can't receive the email. I know one of the passwords is correct, so why can't I log in? Hope someone can help.

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Re: Log in to my acount

Good afternoon @tetsujin


Welcome to community Smiley Happy


Please have a look at our help with logging in help page.


If you still can't get logged in, then please get in touch with customer services and they will help you out.






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by whitty79
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Re: Log in to my acount

This is not a new problem.  I have not been able to log in to my account for several YEARS now.  It's very frustrating.  Unfortunately this website is spectacularly unhelpful and as an Orange PAYG customer I find I am just redirected to EE's "Helpful topics" which are no help at all.

I now cannot top up online anymore either.  This has been the case for the last 3 months at least.  It's not good enough.  Sadly EE/Orange seem to be going the way of BT and offering nothing in the way of online support.  Of course you can ring them on a high rate number and wait on hold indefinitely.....


EE Community Support Team

Re: Log in to my acount

Hello @whitty79.


I am sorry to hear you have had these problems.


What happens when you try and use the online account?


Do you get an error message?


Speak soon Smiley Happy

by sur
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Re: Log in to my acount

I am having exactly the same problem but cannot contact EE to sort it out they are useless

EE Community Support Team

Re: Log in to my acount

Hi @sur,


Welcome to the EE Community.


What problems are you having when you try to get in touch?





by stuart3

Re: Log in to my acount

Dear Madam,

I wish to discuss my outstanding paymnt of 11 pounds to EE.

Thank you in advance

Best regards,

Stuart Britton

by drynda
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switched from Orange to EE in December 2015, not been able to view bill since

Hi I switched from orange to EE December 2015 never seen a bill since. Money goes out of my account but no idea on bill. Given up on call centre as struggle to understand them.

Any advice on where l can view bill ? The new a/c number l have does not enter or does my old one so really at a loss

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