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How to cancel paper statements?

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Re: How to cancel paper statements?

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you will need to speak with customer services on 150.

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Re: How to cancel paper statements?

What i would do is find headoffice of ee,shud be able2google it on your computer or tablet,then contact them&ask them 2take you off there mailing list,i did this when my late father was getting bombarded with letters&phone calls for him,it may be the wrong advice but thought i would chip in on the convo,hope my advice helps you.this happened2him when he had cancelled his contract with sky tv,about 50something poundsish a month so i rung up sky headquarters&whispered in there ears2stop bothering&bombarding him with all there crap,this did the trick,it worried him2death so if this happens2you dont let these big companies grind you down,i feel strongly about this as it happens a hell of alot in this place we call home&its ruining peoples way of life,so let us british all stick2getha&dont let brussels win or mr juncker as this brexit has been going on for far too long,thank you carnut1965,passionate about everything ppl cars music life,u have2get on in life&never dwell on things&never let things get you down.


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