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Extra plan charge to your EE bill? Here's what it could be

If you’ve recently upgraded your phone, taken an additional line with us, or changed your plan recently, you may have seen an extra charge on your last bill.


This is known as a part charge, or you might have seen it called a pro-rata charge for the price plan you have chosen.


We understand that there can be some confusion about it, so read on to find out what it’s all about.


Is EE overcharging me?


It may look like you’ve been overcharged, but the charge is just what you owe since you started your new plan.


When you upgrade, add an additional line or change your plan, we don’t charge you straight away. Instead, we wait until your usual bill date and then charge you for the weeks you’ve used so far.


On that same bill we’ll also charge you your standard amount for the month ahead, as line rental is paid in advance, which means that this bill will be larger than normal.


Is my EE bill wrong?


The amount that is charged will depend on when you started your new plan. If you upgrade your phone three weeks into your billing month, your bill at the end of that month will show a charge for the one week of your new plan, plus the charge for the month ahead.


In some cases, this could mean getting a bill for five, six, seven weeks of your contract in one go, but it’s the only way we can charge you the right amount.


Why is there also a credit on my EE bill?


We always charge customers for the month ahead, rather than the month just gone. If you change your plan part way through the month either as a price plan change or part of your upgrade, we need to refund you for the weeks of your old plan that you didn’t use.


We’ll credit your EE account and use this to reduce your total bill to the correct amount.



We’re here to help


If you’d like to discuss it further don’t hesitate to get in touch with us or leave a comment below.


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Re: Extra plan charge to your EE bill? Here's what it could be

This is useful information but doesn’t cover my specific scenario whereby my daughters iPhone8 plus package included international dialing, she upgraded to iPhone 11 Pro with the international calling swappable but was then charged on three separate occasions for calling the USA.

Im currently in the US on business and can find no easy way of reporting this issue other than to incur an international charge myself and calling EE, sitting in a queue for ages.
If I wait until I’m back in the UK to sort this, the direct debit will already have been processed so I’ll be out of pocket.

Come on EE there must be a better customer service experience option than the one you’re currently providing!

EE Community Support Team

Re: Extra plan charge to your EE bill? Here's what it could be

Hi @ChriLawr,


Welcome to the EE Community. 🙂


Is it the Roam Further Swappable that your daughter is using?


This is for using your phone in the USA, rather than calling the USA from the UK.





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