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About a phone bill

I just checked my phone bill and it says I’m paying for two phone bills mine and my partners that’s coming out from my bank card!! I haven’t asked to pay for my partners phone bill he should be paying that himself o only pay for my phone bill, so how come I’ve been charged for his phone bill as well. And my phone bill contract has ended how do I apply for another 18momtjs contract. 

by Amy221 Investigator


I’ve been charged for two phone bill payments one for my phone bill and also my partners why am I paying for his when he should be paying his own bill!!! He’s recently signed up to ee and they said they would add his bank card on so he pays his own bill but apparently it’s charged it to my account!! Now I’m left paying double bill when I shouldn’t have too also my phone contract ended Monday just gone and they didn’t tell me and they e added extra into it so how do I apply for another 18momtjs contract that’s 20 a month again with free unlimited text and calls and 20gb data, 

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Good Morning @Amy221.


Welcome to the community.


I'd recommend contacting our Mobile Care Team about this as they will have access to your account and be able to tell you why both bills are coming from your account.


Let us know how you get on.



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Brilliant Contributor

Re: Hi

Contracts don't end. Only minimum term does.


If you don't upgrade you stay on same plan until you either cancel or upgrade.


Look at shop section for what is available. If they don't sell the plan you have at the moment anymore you can just let your plan run as it is.

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