by Jan69

reoccurring maintainance message when trying to login

Right I am fed up now. MONTHS of this. I made a new account and it let me but its saying im not the main bill holder even though I am. Im getting emails about upgrading but nope they wont log me in. Theres no option to send a message online either at this rate I will cancelling my contract and going else where 

by Jan69

Re: Cant login to account for past 3 months due to technical issues

I have had the same issue. Its let me register again using the same email but wont give me full access into my account. Im 7 months overdue for an upgrade and like to do mine online but it will not let me as it says the main account holder needs to give me access.

by Brilliant Contributor
Brilliant Contributor

Re: reoccurring maintainance message when trying to login

@Jan69, Your best bet would be to ring EE, as if I read this right, you already had an account and made a new one, so it looks like this is the problem.


Not sure why you made a new account, if you already had one,  should have continued with your old account.


If you cancel the contract before the time is up, you will have to pay the remainder off and you will have to give 30 days notice. You can request a PAC code, which will enable you to keep your number, but I would strongly suggest you speak to customer service first, to get this sorted.

EE Community Support Team

Re: reoccurring maintainance message when trying to login

Hi @Jan69,


Welcome to the EE Community.


Please get in touch with customer services and the team will get this fixed straight away for you.





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