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Unable to Log-in to EE Store


I'm having a problem with my EE account and when I've asked EE for help they've been more interested in my contract being ready for upgrade than actually fixing it. 


I can log in to My EE account just fine, but whenever I try to log in to the EE store to see Existing Customer offers it tells me my contract is closed. My current conract is paid up-to-date and doesn't technically end until this December. My phone is still functional so there's been no indication that my contract has been closed or cancelled - I just can't get into the store at all. 


Any help welcome, but no I don't want a bunch of phone calls asking me to upgrade over the phone. I'd rather I could log into my own store account and do my own research. 


Many Thanks,


by Brilliant Contributor
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Re: Unable to Log-in to EE Store

Hello @JunebugSeven,


Welcome to the community,


Have you tried going clicking on shop and doing it from there? This should work fine. Allso sometimes you can get a better deal by ringing customer service up.


When you click on shop and for instance are interested in the IPhone X you can then log-in to upgrade from there and it should work, hope this helps.

EE Community Support Team

Re: Unable to Log-in to EE Store

Good morning @JunebugSeven


I hope the brilliant information given to you by @Schockwave helps answer your questions.


Also if you still are having difficulty logging in, then it may be worth a chat over the phone and we will try to try help you.








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