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Register tablet to my EE

I'm try to register my tablet to myEE, I already have a mobile phone registered, but when I go add the number for my tablet it says the message has sent but I haven't received it, tried doing it on the 4gee network and on wifi still no message also tried to disable my I messages on the tablet as this is linked to my phone number. 


Any help on how to sort this would be appricated 

by Grand Master
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Re: Register tablet to my EE

@Alasj47  Your tablet can not receive text messages to its own MBB number.   While you can link it to a iPhone so you can receive text messages on the iPad these messages are actually sent to your iPhone.  


If you can put the iPad SIM card in a mobile phone and set it up that way.  

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Re: Register tablet to my EE

Good morning @Alasj47


Thank you for coming to community 🙂


Has the information @Chris_B has kindly passed on to you helped you?







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