by EEdispair

EE web pages.

Hi, am I the only person to struggle with the EE web pages? I cant believe any testing is carried out before anything is put live.

When tracking an order I just get a refreshed page showing the order number. Nothing else.

When I check my account details my address is incorrect. Having phoned up and gotten a strange response of "Oh that's the address we last sent something to you" Eh? What? The address is still wrong.

When trying to pay for addons etc I just get sent in circles.

If other people get these to work, can you let me know the secret.



EE Community Support Team

Re: EE web pages.

Good Afternoon @EEdispair


Thanks for coming to the community. 


I am sorry to hear you are having problems when viewing our web pages. 


When did you place your order? 


Are you using the order number provided on your confirmation email?


In regards to your personal details such as your home address, did our mobile care team update this for you? this can take up to 72 hours to update within your My EE account. 


You can also update your personal details by logging in to your My EE account.


If you are a pay monthly customer you will be billed for add-ons purchased on your monthly bill. If you are pay as you go this will be deducted by the credit on your account. 


Speak soon, 


Katie 🙂

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