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How long does it take for your new phone to arrive when you've upgraded your phone? It's been a week and I've not heard anything.

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Grand Master

Re: Delivery

@Rawse03   Give customer services a call about this.  

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Re: Delivery

@Rawse03 it depends on how long it takes to process your order and when the phone is sent out to you.


If you do the upgrade early on a weekday then you might get your new phone a day or two later. If you do the upgrade on a Saturday night then you might get your new phone the following Tuesday because Sunday is inbetween and is a slowing factor. 


Add to this whether the new phone you've chosen is in stock or not. And whether you preorder rather than order. 


In your situation, after a week of nothing, I'd certainly contact whomever you've done the upgrade with to find out what the delay is and to find out when your phone is likely to be dispatched. 

EE Community Support Team

Re: Delivery

Hi @Rawse03,


Welcome to the EE Community.


That's great advice from @Chris_B, our Customer Care Team will be happy to track your order for you.




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