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Can't login as username, email and password unknown


My dad gave me the phone number I have, I believe he got it off eBay quite a while before.


Therefore, when I try to log into the My EE account for my number, I am told I already have an account (a T-Mobile account).


My dad does not remember making an account and I don't think I did either, so, is there any way I can access the account for my number when I don't know the username, email, password or name of the previous account holder?


I can prove that it's my number if needed for any reason.


Thank you very much


PS: I've created an account but when I try to confirm my number, I am told to "Speak to a customer advisor".

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Re: Can't login as username, email and password unknown

Hello @jwrt sorry to hear you are having problems registering g for MYEE online. You can try another device/browser or clearing the cookies/history of your current browser which fixes most log in/registration issues but the error message you are getting suggests an old T-Mobile online account from before the number was migrated to EE is blocking it. If this is the case and another browser or clearing the cookies/history does not work please call customer service on 150 from an EE phone or 07953 966 250 from any other who can delete the T-Mobile account and get you registered with a fresh new EE account. Let me know how you get on. 🙂

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