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Can't change content lock using EE app won't let me register

Won't let me confirm my mobile number to register or log in any ideas thanks ppl 🙂 x

EE Community Support Team

Re: Can't change content lock using EE app won't let me register

Hi @Mikesmiffy87


Thanks for coming to community to see us 🙂


Here is all the information you need from our Content Lock and Orange Safeguard help and support pages. 


In My EE


You can easily change the Content Lock settings yourself by logging into My EE* – if you haven’t registered yet for My EE, get started today.


  • If you're the account holder you'll be able to turn Content Lock off. If you're not the account holder, please ask the account holder to change your settings.
  • Enabling Content Lock in My EE will activate the "Moderate" setting. To activate "Strict" Content Lock, please text the word Strict to 879.

*Please note that changing your settings through My EE is for pay monthly customers only. The following methods can be used by both pay as you go and pay monthly users.


By text


  • you can change your Content Lock settings to Strict or Moderate, by texting the word Strict or Moderate to 879
  • if you have a 4GEE WiFi device, you can send a text from your 4GEE WiFi number by using Connection Manager. Just type into your browser (password/user name is admin) and use the SMS message sending feature

Change or remove Content Lock


From the EE blocking page, you can remove Content Lock using a credit card or by logging in to My EE.


Call our Content Lock service


  • call us on 1818 from the EE device on which you want to remove or re-apply Content Lock.

Please note: If you want to turn Content Lock off you will again need to complete a simple credit card age verification check.


In store


Just visit an EE store with any of the following approved photo ID – passport, full driver’s licence (photo and paper), EU card or citizen card.


Call 150


If none of the above methods works call us on 150. Charges may apply. 4GEE WiFi and tablet customers can call us on 08454 123662 from any other device.


Further information:


  • If you try to access 18-rated content and Content Lock is not turned off, a blocking page will be displayed, you will need to complete a credit card age verification check using the online form to view the content
  • if you're a Corporate or Business user, you may not have the permissions required to change the settings and will need to contact your account manager
  • Content Lock does not work when accessing the internet using third party WiFi networks. That's because it only works on EE's mobile networks
  • If you try to change your Content Lock settings, we'll check your credit card details match the name and address on your EE bill. If you're an American Express or Diners card holder, we'll take £2 from your card and refund it straight away. "Content Lock removed" will show up on your credit card bill.






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