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Account issues..



I wonder if someone here can help...


Ages ago, I had an EE account linked to an EE PAYG SIM I was trialling on EE in my area.  Due to poor reception, I canned it and forgot about it.


Fast forward to today, I now need to re-evaluate EE in my area, and have got another EE PAYG SIM to trial.


I have used my old account, but updated the email address.


Now, using this account on the main EE website, lots of strange stuff happens.  I cannot browse directly to the community site if already authenticated (I get HTTP error 500), and I cannot access the shop area of the website - I get "Too many redirects" errors.


This happens also in the MYEE app when trying to add another line to my account.


I have tried the browsers IE, Edge, Firefox, Safari and Vivaldi - all have the same problem.


Looking at other threads, it looks like this may be a problem with my account?


I have looked at ways of contacting support, but finding help on EE website is poorly provisioned for PAYG customers, and payable too. Online chat is poor, and only caters for simple queries, none of which are for PAYG customers. 


I am basically wanting to add a couple of EE contracts to my account, and I refuse to call and pay for support which is essentially a point of sale problem.


If these technical issues or level of customer service is indicative of EE's overall service then my likelihood of moving to EE is greatly reduced!


Anyway, how, and whom do I need to contact to be able to fix my EE account and be able to sort this out online please?

EE Community Support Team

Re: Account issues..

Hi @rbw,


Thanks for joining the EE Community.


Pay as you go customer services are only contactable via phone.


Please get in touch so they can help you get your account up and running.


They'll be happy to help.



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