by Greyback23

Account Holder Issues - User Versus Bill Payer

Greetings to all.


I am new to both the EE community and EE mobile network in recent years anyhow.


If I recall, the last time I was on EE it was factually still called Orange Mobile so its been years.


Upon joining I found out about the MyEE android application which allows you to check your bill and whatnot which for the contract deal I have will be essential.


Upon signing up I was asked if I was the bill payer or the user. Its my mobile however my maternal parent handles all the bills as I have Autism, Aspergers and multiple subtypes of OCD and I am not at all adept in the slightest at paying bills and all such things.

Hence I placed myself under the user option.


Here is my issue:

My maternal parent also has an android although she is with O2 not EE. She attempted with my assistance to also register onto the MyEE application so she could place herself as the bill payer whilst I am user.


It failed, and I am unable to change myself to the bill payer option at all, it only tells me I can remove myself as they user, which to myself means if I do so, then no one can even access the account.


I do not know honestly how this functions or how to do it. When concerns technology I apparently am skilled but this application is not within my field of knowledge.


Did I make some error registering at all, putting myself as the user not the bill payer?


Should I have just let my maternal parent register with the number?


How do I fix it so my maternal parent can see the bill information, and be placed as the bill payer?


Please do not tell me to follow these instructions from the link below.


I know they are what is suggested but they do nothing to assist the issue at all.

I tried things that factual way and all it did was tell me I can remove myself as the user, nothing to do with placing either myself or my maternal parent as the bill payer just so someone can see the bill. It will be needed, as my deal includes cashback with requires us to show the monthly bill in the future.


My gratitude in advance for any information I can get.

by Ace Contributor
Ace Contributor

Re: Account Holder Issues - User Versus Bill Payer

Hi @Greyback23


I don't see that you did anything wrong putting yourself down as the user, as you are telling the truth, as you are not the bill payer.


If the information in the link you posted is no assistance to you, then the only other thing I can suggest is to give customer services a call on one of the below numbers and explain what you are wanting to do.


It will probably be a good idea to have both yourself and the bill payer there when you call, as EE will probably need to speak to both of you during the telephone call.


The local rate landline number is 020 7362 0200 or call for free on 0800 079 8586 or call 150 from your mobile.


Please post back with how you get on and also if you need anymore help 🙂

EE Community Support Team

Re: Account Holder Issues - User Versus Bill Payer

Thank you for helping @Fatboy71


Please do let us know how you get on @Greyback23


Thanks, Leanne.

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