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Smart Pack Problems

I just topped up £10 so I could buy a £10 smart pack. I have been on the Everyday plan for several months and this is the first time buying a pack. When I text "SMART10" to 441, I get a text back that says the following "Sorry you don't have enough credit to buy this Pack. It costs 10 pounds, so top up and try again by texting SMART10 to 441."

Its done that half a dozen times now, any advice?

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Re: Smart Pack Problems

Hi JomsH


It sounds like perhaps some credit may have been taken for some data access before you attempted to purchase the smartpack. If you haven't manage to resolve the issue, drop us a private message and we'll be happy to check it out.





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Re: Smart Pack Problems

Hi, I'm on TMobile pay as you go Everyday tariff. I want to go on to Smart 10, but when I text Smart 10 to 441 I get the reply Sorry, your response has not been identified. Please check & try again. Can you help, please.