by Billysmith0307

feedback on my customer service experience

Hello I'm not really sure if this is the right place to give feedback all I want to say is I had got a phone contract out with ee the first time I have ever been with ee and on my first impressions I am really happy about it I get full bars always have 4g and it never goes to 3g like my other provider I'm just really happy with the service. The other day I had a problem with my service I rang up and in about 5 to 10 mins my service was working again. the staff are really friendly not like other providers when they don't understand what you are going on about are really moody and just don't care not ee when you ring up they all happy talk to you like your a paying customer and do act care about fixing your problem I'm really happy that I have joined ee and for ee to keep up their good work and if any family members ask me what phone network to go with I'm going to say ee.


EE Community Support Team

Re: feedback on my customer service experience

Good Evening @Billysmith0307



Welcome to the community and to EE 🙂


It's lovely to read your feedback this evening and I really appreciate you taking the time to come to the community to let us know about your experience since joining 🙂


As a thank you I would like to send you a small gift from the community as a thank you for taking the time to register and give us your feedback.


You will have a private message from me on here for some details,


Leanne 🙂

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